Automotive OEM & Enterprise solutions

Zeliot Platform & solutions are built keeping in mind automotive telematics use cases, So its highly optimized solution for automotive use cases. Large IT & consulting enterprises with a focus on the automotive vertical can partner with Zeliot to offer industry-best solutions in the automotive industry.

Solution Package

End User Application
Firmware Over the Air Update Tool
Bi-Directional Tool
Device Configuration Tool
End Of The Line Tool
Roadside Assistance
Predictive Analytics
AquilaTrack Portal For Management
Custom OEM API Solution
Whitelabling Of The Application
Push Ads
24 x 7 Support

We offer comprehensive End-to-End solutions to


2-Wheelers (IC)


4-Wheelers (IC)


2-Wheelers (EV)


4-Wheelers (EV)

AquilaTrack Hardware Products
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Glimpses of the end user
mobile application based on
the client requirement.
Aquila OEM APIs

Choose from a wide range of over
300 APIs. Leave the heavy lifting
work of data hitting the servers up
to us!

Integrate our APIs to your tracking platform

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